Saturday, 19 March 2011

Stop & Stare 2

* Hey everyone I am taking a break from my blog as I'm so busy and really won't be able to keep up with it... So I will be back in the summer! See you then xxxx *

Some editorials I really love, lots of great inspiration... Hope you like!

More posts soon, Jade xx


  1. Hello,
    Great have got a really unique outlook on fashion and the way you express that through your blog is really thrilling!
    In particular I love this post because of all of the photos...they really draw the reader in!
    Keep up the amazing work!
    I have a blog too and I think you will love it...
    I follow you, you follow me?

  2. amazing pictures and blog! I'm in love with everything!


  3. love your pictures ! especially the last one ! keep up the good work ! xox

  4. come back, miss your posts!