Saturday, 5 February 2011

Jewellery Collection Part 1

For the last few days I've been trying to sort out my jewellery because it's been piled up in my drawers, I decided to take everything out and photograph it for a post!

So here is some of my jewellery collection, lots of Talullah Tu but also some Asos jewellery & designer pieces from Chloe, Dannijo & Erickson Beamon. Since starting Talullah Tu I don't have the need to buy jewellery from the high street it would be betraying the brand anyway haha.

As you can probably tell I love statement jewellery & unusual things :) I've mainly got earrings & rings I wear these on a daily basis and the necklaces are more for a special occasion.

Let me know what you think :) More posts soon, Jade xx


  1. Wow so many lovely pieces here!! Some of those earrings are gorgeous.

    Thanks for your comment & in answer to your question I got my bag in the sale but it was sent up from one of the outlets in England as the Mulberry stores can't hold on to sale stock post sale, so anything that didn't sell gets sent to the outlets. You should give them a ring and ask what stock they have? Still expensive but you save a bit :) xx

  2. Hey, amazing collection looking forward to seeing part 2! What is the red lips thing, is it a box or a clutch? Anna x

  3. @Stefany - Thanks so much, I'm actually going to Bicester Village outlet for my birthday next week and they have a Mulberry so hopefully I can get one there! xx :)

    @Anna - thank you :) the 'lips thing' haha is a clutch bag. It's from the Sex & the City film and so is my Eiffel tower bag too!
    Here's a picture from a photoshoot, you can see its a bit more of a clutch there:

    Thanks for commenting :) x Jade

  4. Lol, thank you Jade! I love your style, I wish I would be confident enough to wear statement jewellery and accessories on a day-to-day basis like you do so well :) I love all my Talullah Tu earrings but I only ever wear them for nights out!

    x Anna

  5. Such a great collection! I can't wait to see part two! Love all the turquoise pieces in your collection :)

  6. i cant get enought of the skull rings... my boyfriend is giving me another one as a valentine's day present... yeiii