Monday, 14 February 2011

Huge Coin Statement Earrings & Dr Martens

Really casual outfit today, its actually hotter out than I anticipated... so if the weather stays like this today I'm going to be boiling!

I'm wearing: Asos black cardigan & top, River Island biker trousers, Dr Marten diva boots, Talullah Tu huge coin earrings, feather bracelets & selection of rings. I know lots of people don't do it but I really like mixing silver & gold pieces.

Ohh and my birthday has been completely overshadowed by Valentines Day as usual haha!

Have a nice week :) Jade xx


  1. I love the earings!

  2. oh u look so lovely
    your jewels are always the best

  3. Lovely outfit. Is your hair naturally curly like that? *jealous* :) x

  4. :) Thanks for the comments @Callahan & @Dandelion!

    @Anna haha when I was younger I always felt the pressure to have it straight, but now I just leave it natural all I do is brush it! So thank you for the compliment :)

    Jade xx

  5. ohhhh happy birthday!! :) and happy valentine's day too! haha

    that top is super gorgeous!!


  6. Happy birthday!!! ;)
    very nice look, practical for work and stylish.
    Love the pants (and needless to say, the jewelry)

  7. happy belated birthday! hope u got a good one