Sunday, 9 January 2011

Newspaper Couture & Day Out!

 :)  Had a great day out at the National Science Museum in London today, I know it doesn't sound very interesting but I would really recommend it especially as its free entry! There were loads of kool interactive games and technology and even a fashion exhibition. Below is a picture I took of the dress made out of metro newspapers which has even been worn on the catwalk. Here I'm in the blue restaurant, the table was glowing with lights and you get soo much food!

And I had to take a picture of my lovely new red double row crystal bracelet, which is now available on Asos RRP £34, Outlet price £20. It is absolutely gorgeous and goes perfectly with my red dr martens, I got lots of compliments on this bracelet today! It also comes in purple & jet -

I think I will be wearing it a lot :) more posts soon, Jade x


  1. What a lovely blog :)
    You were mentioned at and I am so glad she did. I have added you to my 'blogs I heart' section, looking forward to reading more from you, Gem xxx

  2. That recycled dress is stunning!

  3. @Gem thank you for adding me to your list! and for letting me know about my mention on Blair's blog :) happy!

    & thanks for commenting guys I really appreciate it being a new blogger...

    Jade x

  4. wow that dress is amazing! and i love that braclet, i like that its on black leather sort of? x

  5. your bracelet is gorgeous! looks so deep in colour. i love pieces like that. especially when you find them at bargain prices! :)

    The dress is amazing. Not surprising its been in a catwalk show! xx

  6. Ooo, loving the metro newspaper dress! absolutely incredible. hehe x