Monday, 20 December 2010

Supersize Jewels, Celeb Earrings Trend

I thought I would stick to my area of 'expertise', I'm always collecting images of jewellery because as with all fashion - trends come around again every couple of years. Luckily for me statement jewellery has literally been huge for the past few seasons and has been very predominant on the catwalks and lots of celebs have been adopting the trend for supersize jewellery too.

I found some great images of celebrities wearing amazing statement earrings, these are a huge jewellery trend especially coming up to Christmas and New Year, a pair of earrings are such an easy way to update your look without breaking the bank - I'm a loyal fan of big earrings, you won't see me without them!

Blake Lively has gorgeous eyes and always compliments them with stand-out jewels, wearing contrasting colour earrings can really set off your outfit. Taylor Swift is another Hollywood star that I always see wearing the most stunning bejewelled drop earrings which accentuate her best features, then there's Rihanna whose taste in accessories is offbeat and quirky, her earrings are a bit more edgy and cool and suit her hair perfectly.

Who wears the look best? & will you be wearing statement earrings for your festive parties? I will :)

Jade x



  1. I prefer Taylor Swift's & Carey Mulligan's looks.. Very classic!

    Oh also check out:

    Merry xmas! :)


  2. :) I love Careys earrings they are HUGE. Ooo thanks for sharing, really great inspiration pics.

    Happy Christmas to you too! xxx

  3. Lovely post and an inspiration for my next post :)