Thursday, 23 December 2010

5 Things...

1. Vintage 1950s Floral Shoes - These are simply wow. I bought them from Ebay, a seller from the USA was selling lots of these styles of shoes that used to belong to an actress and they were selling off her estate. Amazingly they were custom made one offs and in brand new condition, I still haven't worn them they are just too beautiful maybe if I get married one day I will wear them then! And the box is so unique...

2. Another floral item, Asos 3d Roses Skirt - I always get compliments on this skirt! When I wore it to the Clothes Show London lots of people were asking me about it over the 3 days, sorry the picture isn't great and I have no idea what we were looking at haha.
3. SS11 Talullah Tu Headbands - I am literally so excited about these, the actual headbands for next season will be in creams, white and more summery colours.
4. H&M Illustrated Tea Towels - I was buying presents got a bit side tracked by these at only £1.99, I'm not going to use them as tea towels though, what a waste that would be...
5. Purple Swarovski Lizard Ring - This is my new favourite ring, it looks so amazing sparkling along the length of the finger.
Hope you have a really lovely Christmas, looking forward to seeing all of your Christmas present posts! :)

Take care xx


  1. I love your ASOS skirt and those vintage shoes are amazing :) I love them very pretty and will be great come the fall. WOW your head bands are amazing, I love, love them perfect for the Christmas/ new year party season. I wish I had some where to go to dress up :(

    How did the clothes show go for you? Well I hope. I have the last H&M tea towel design (but the pillow cases) I heart H&M homeware, tis amazing.
    That ring is lush, another one of your stunning designs?
    Anyway have a fab Christmas and the best new year xxxxxxxx

  2. :D Thanks and yes the Clothes Show was good but the Birmingham one is much bigger and has lots more people so theres more going on. I know they are so cool I got the pillow cases as presents, I can't believe how cheap some of the home range is!

    The lizard ring is on the Talullah Tu website, I love the earrings too :)

    Have a really lovely Christmas and thanks for commenting! xxx

  3. Those shoes are really beautiful! But my favorite is your leopard ring! Merry Christmas!! xooxoo

  4. I've bookmarked your jewelry store and I'll be shopping there :-). So many beautiful things! xoxoxoxoo

  5. Those shoes are show stoppers. I hope you do wear them one day, they need to be shown off!

  6. Those headbands are gorgeous!! Where did you get them from honey? :) Love your blog! :) xo

  7. love the ring! absolutely gorgeous