Monday, 15 November 2010

Jewellery of the day!

Hi everyone...

Today I am going to a meeting so I just thought I would do a jewellery of the day post, its just the kind of thing I wear everyday.
I am wearing my blue embroidered dress from Topshop, black cardigan from Asos, skull ring, earrings & pendant from Talullah Tu. I literally wear these pearl tassel earrings all the time.

By the way, excuse my paleness... well actually it is winter and I'm not the fake tan kinda girl!

More posts soon... Love Jade x


  1. Wanted the dr marten diva boots for agessssss! Cute pendant too!
    Am xoxox

  2. Looking good - thanks for the comments on my blog a while ago. Stillloving Tallulah Tu!

  3. Is that bag in the background a Lulu Guinness lips bag? I love what you are wearing x

  4. @Amie @Smalltimequeen - Thanks for commenting, I really appeciate it :)

    @TavyBea - It's a Timmy Woods lips bag from the first Sex & the City film, will post some pictures of it soon.


  5. Love your blog!! You look stunning!


  6. I have that ring!! yeiii and i love it!
    love the blog too ;)